Treat your body to the best body treatments available. Choose from our extensive list our wonderful waxing and hair removal services for both women and men, or our body scrubs and wraps. While all of our waxing services produce a smooth, sexy, hairless finish and are provided by licensed and experienced MbeautySpa Specialists. If you want your body to look and feel its best, then you must take care of it. Let our experienced and expertly trained professional therapists advise you on the best waxing or body treatment to suit your needs.

Our beautifully appointed treatment rooms provide the most opulent of surroundings so you can fully relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of it all. Look your best, feel your best because a relaxed you is a beautiful you.




side face or cheek                                               

Naf 20

chin starting                                                         

Naf 20

beard men                                                            

Naf 50


Naf 20


Naf 10



Nothing frames the eyes more beautifully than freshly shaped eyebrows. We combine waxing, tweezing, and trimming to meticulously shape and style your eyebrows with “just the right” arch. Enjoy an instant eye lift and overall enhanced facial beauty.

Naf 28
Buy six get one free Naf 120
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The Brow Maintenance

Performed within 3 weeks of a Brow Design.

Naf 20


full bikini or lower butt                                             

Naf 45

 women brazilian front                                             

Naf 60

 women full brazilian with butt with bilnaad         

Naf 125

 women butt                                                              

Naf 62

 women bilnaad only                                                

Naf 32

 women butt with bilnaad                                        

Naf 68


armpit (oksel)                                

Naf 43

 decolette women                          

Naf 28

 upper arm& lower arm                

Naf 48

 lower leg & upper leg                  

Naf 50

 women belly                                  

Naf 29

 women full legs                           

Naf 115


Naf 20


Naf 25