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Beautiful Bodies

This full body scrub exfoliates and smoothes away surface debris and dry dead skin while restoring vital nutrients to dehydrated skin. An aromatherapy hydro-active mineral salt scrub, infused with aromatherapy essential oils smoothes and softens skin, relaxes stressed out muscles and calms the senses all-in-one. A total sensory and relaxation experience!

Choose from 2 flavors: Oatmeal, Milk & Honey or Rosemary & Mint

Only back scrub 



Whatever your age or stage in life, you cannot deny the benefits received from the magic of human touch. Regular massage sessions can dramatically improve your quality of life and restore the body’s optimal performance. Relax as you hear tranquil, soothing sounds flowing from within our candle lit private massage rooms.

FULL BODY MASSAGE                 

30 minute session – 
60 minute session – 
75 minute session – 
90 minute session – 



Just for my Back

This massage treatment does just that! This service concentrates the massage on the back, neck, and shoulder areas where most of your tensions and soreness are held.

30 minute session – 
60 minute session – 




BACK FACIAL                                                       








Customer during Relaxing Massage
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