WOW!!...When was the last time you napped in the middle of the day? If you’re a parent, the answer probably goes back to B.B. (Before Baby).


But sometimes all you need is 25 minutes to turn your whole day around. Let us facilitate that change with a mid-day, restorative nap in our private napping suite.


Our nap room has soothing spa sounds and your stress will quickly melt away. While you enjoy some uninterrupted me-time, we’ll keep your little one safe and sound so you can both leave ready to conquer the day!

So, the next time you’re feeling sleep-deprived, or just need a break, just let us kow

Includes complimentary childcare!

Drop in after school and we will set your kiddo to work on a fun art work and have some facepainting

The goal is  to provide fun and a safe environment for your chil, so you can focus on relaxing!


Childcare is complimentary for 1 child while in nap spa service spa. 

Each additional child is Naf 10

Childcare during other services is Naf 15 pp per hour

(if swimming lifevest is mandatory) 

Nap room cost is Naf 50…… for 25 min!

Hours for this service are on Wednesdays between 2 pm till 6 pm